Rail Supply Group

Over the coming decade, there is a unique opportunity to build on the success of the UK rail Industry by strengthening the domestic rail supply chain so that it can best meet the demands of tomorrow’s railway. The Rail Supply Group (RSG) has been set up by BEIS and DfT to bring together private sector and the government to lead this renewal, by giving leadership, direction and support so that the rail industry can grow employment, market share and make a significant contribution to the entire UK economy.

The opportunities in the rail sector are clear:

  • UK: biggest modernisation programme for over a century. Over £38bn is being spent in 2014-19 to maintain and improve the network, with a strong pipeline of projects into the 2020s.
  • New markets: for instance, the transition to a Digital Railway presents new opportunities for developing export markets.
  • New drivers: the biggest regional railway supply market in the world –Western Europe – is on our doorstep, but Asia-Pacific will move ahead in the next few years, while the Middle East and North American markets offer considerable opportunities.
  • Europe: ambitious, long-term EU goals, such as tripling the length of the European high speed rail network by 2030.
  • Global: the world’s rail supply market expected to grow by a healthy 2.7% p.a over the next 6 years.

The goal of Rail Supply Group (RSG) is to seize these opportunities and lay a strong foundation for a more effective collaboration between the rail supply chain and Government, leading to the publication of a Rail Industrial Strategy in 2015.

For more information, please visit the RSG website.