Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the timetable for the process?


Click here for an important update on the scheme (8th April 2018)

Q: What are the benefits to my company?

A: The process offer guidance as to the best way to enter the rail industry. It should allow you to avoid the pitfalls that others may have suffered. If selected for coaching you will get introduced to top tier sponsors at a high level.

Q: How does this process sit with OJEU?

A. Where the potential sponsor is a public body care has been taken to make any support and guidance offered open to all in accordance with various regulations.

Q: What happens after I submit my Registration?

A: There will be a quick check to ensure that your company meets the criteria for the scheme, that you have stated that you are an SME and that you are a company with a product or service appropriate to the scheme. You will then be given a user name (your e mail address) and a password.

Q: What next when I have a password?

A: You will have access to the Assessment form (four sections) which is explained in these web pages

Q: What if I have questions concerning the assessment process?

A: There will be assistance available via e-mail for companies accepted into the scheme.

Q: How much will it cost me to take part?

A: There is no charge for becoming registered. It will take a modest amount of resource to answer the assessment questions.

Q: How does this differ from the RSG Open Doors scheme?

A: The Mentoring Scheme is designed to bring new approaches into the rail supply chain or to enhance the position of companies already in the supply chain and allow them to develop within the compass of a top tier sponsor. Open Doors is for SMEs that are well prepared, have a clear understanding of a product need and just need a suitable introduction.

Q: What if I am not taken forward for coaching?

A: You will be given feedback concerning your assessment with suggestions as to where to find more information about the rail supply chain. You will also be invited to Rail Alliance seminars/networking events appropriate to your company’s stated areas of interest.

Q: What form will coaching take?

A: The coaching will be tailored to suit the needs of the particular potential entrant to the supply chain. It will also be in the form of a menu some of which will provided by the sponsors or through attendance at Rail Alliance Events.

Q: What if we do not qualify as an SME but still want to be part of this exciting push to expand the Rail Supply Chain?

A: To cater for these slightly larger companies and involve them in supply chain Rail Alliance is offering a bespoke service that will mimic the activities carried out under Railmentor. A Range of activities and engagements are offered. To learn more contact we ask you to contact either Jim Panter Jim Panter (Rail Mentor Scheme Manager) or Lucy Prior (Rail Alliance Membership Development Director)