Step 1: Right for rail?

The scheme is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that aspire to enter the UK rail industry supply chain. It may also be suitable for companies who have a small presence in the supply chain but wish to significantly grow their sales, product range or move up one or more tiers. For the purposes of the scheme an SME is defined as (by the European Commission) an enterprise which employs fewer than 250 persons and either whose annual turnover does not exceed €50m (~£40M) or whose annual balance sheet does not exceed €43M (~£31M). We also need to see that the general style and focus of your business aligns in the broadest sense with the needs of the upper tiers of the supply chain. For your part you must be confident that you can put the right resource in place to achieve your aspiration to grow your rail business or enter the supply chain.

When we receive your registration form we will assess whether this scheme is appropriate for you. We hope you are and that you can enter into the scheme. If you are not we will get back to you and explain why.

Click here for an important update on the scheme (8th April 2018)

The pilot scheme is no longer accepting new registrations. Please check back here for news of the next phase!