Step 2: Fit For Rail?

To strive for a good match between new supply chain entrants and the mentoring top tier company we would like to know more about you. We have designed a three part assessment that will seek to guide you forward. Our plan is to select from the applicants those that most closely meet the needs of the top tier. Guidance and coaching will be suggested for all those who take part. We hope the process will add value to your business at whatever stage you reach in the supply chain.

The three areas of assessment will be:

  • NABC – a tool to allow you to state your case
  • Business characteristics -a tool to benchmark you against others in the sector
  • Rail Industry Regulations – a tool to gauge where your level of rail knowledge is at the moment

Areas of shortfall in the assessments will be reported back to you and suggestions for supported remedial coaching will be suggested. The process is designed to develop entrants towards a balanced score card and make them Rail Ready as soon as possible.

More about each area of assessment is available to registered entrants to the scheme. When your registration has been accepted, proceed to the online form below.

Assessment Form (Registered Users Only):

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