Step 4: Engage

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Extract from the launch statement of RSG at Railtex 2015:

“The global rail market grew by €14 billion between 2009 and 2013 despite one of the worst recessions ever seen in the developed world.

Looking forward, it is expected to grow by a further €26 billion by 2019, but driven mainly by the Americas and Asia.
So the markets are there for us – driven by a number of unstoppable megatrends:

1. Urbanisation: 50% of us live in cities today, rising to 66% by 2030.
2. Emerging countries: needing transport infrastructure to build their economies.
3. New technology: transforming industries and the way we live.
4. Environment: where transport plays a massive role in reducing CO2 emissions
5. Ageing population: particularly in Europe, where the share of people aged 65, or older, is growing. Meaning more emphasis on security, reliability and tailored access to transport.

So, in short, the demand for rail services is only going to grow; evolve; and present new challenges for us all.

In the UK, rail makes a big contribution to the UK economy. It is a key industrial sector.

Together, the supply industry and the train operating companies:

• employ 212,000 people – that’s about 70,000 more than the UK automotive industry (141,000);
• contribute almost £4bn a year to the Exchequer; and
• move 3 million people a day – absolutely key for the health of the economy.

The rail sector in this country is experiencing a renaissance.”